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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hello future reader

Well this is my first real post of substance and might be awhile til I feel like posting again. This blog currently has no readers but that's fine. I figure it will be a good spot to stick my "plan."

Yesterday I finished scripting out chapter 2 of duchess mew. It consists of 16 comics plus a 4 comic interlude. So it should be completely posted on november 4th assuming we have no filler weeks.

I need to finish up Far Shore. I've been putting it off far too long. The text is done, I'm just unhappy with the layout. It is my first rpg supplement I've ever done. I'm not sure if I'm eager to do another one though. I'll see what the reviews say.

My secret plan of the week is to eventually become a professional webcomic writer or at least make it a profitable hobby.

This plan is complicated by the fact that:
a. I am not a kick ass artist.
b. I don't have a drive to draw.

However, being a writer is far less time consuming that being an artist. So far I've been able to write at least one Duchessmew strip on nights where we didn't go out. If I can triple my speed I should be able to easily handle writing multiple comics. Hopefully my writing will also improve with my speed. While everyone seem to like my writing in Duchess Mew it hasn't set the internet on fire yet.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Test again

Tap tap